Taco Catering in Costa Mesa with Nike and NSSA Championships!

                Couple weeks ago Nike Skateboarding hosted and taco catered an awesome skateboarding contest that was touring southern California and most of the west coast. We were lucky to be invited to the chosen contest with nike, where we were able to cater and provide tacos for hundreds of guests! As Nike Skate Team mentioned, they had other Taco Man and Taco Catering services and they thought our quality food and taco catering services just blew them out of the water! Bam! Like a champ. With everyone excited and loving our tacos we were able to join NSSA surfing champions!

Born and raised in so cal our Taco Guy Orange County was more than excited to cater this taco catering event in Costa Mesa. Our Catering provided Tasty Tacos From skating competition to a surfing competition as precious memories of being raised in orange county where being rekindled, in fact we might have to wake up early this weekend to catch some surf =] Good times, so if you catch our taco catering van in Huntington beach this weekend you know why!

Back to the point, Our Taco Cart Catering in Costa Mesa was loved by everyone, with awesome reviews and happy people that came from Hawaii for the Surf Competition it was a total hit! Our Delcious taco’s and awesome taco cart catering services has officially met their newest Hawaii locals that loved our taco’s especially our marinated taco’s de al pastor! mMm! Looking to have a taco cart in costa mesa or any taco catering event in Orange County? Then Contact us today for your free Costa Mesa Taco Catering quote! 949-464-8226









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