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This week has been one of our busiest weeks, as were entering march taco madness time! Fallowing summer time! Woohoo, back to the point this week was soo busy, it was almost as if we were reliving our super bowl Sunday and weekend experience, being completely booked, all our staff making tacos or helping one way or another, whether it was at our bases. Taco Catering Events, Parties or our huge taco party at the Angel Stadium. Yes sir, we joined and a few other hosts for a day of amazing JOB and TACO madness! It was a blast; we had so much fun making hundreds of tacos. And guess WHAT! They were only a dollar! Yup, came out with a couple of our grills, a few employees, family members and TEAM, we were feeding by the dozens, seems we were being blessed nonstop. Never heard so much GREAT feedback about our amazing tacos, and some of the best tacos they’ve ever had, heck the worst complement even made my day lol “Best taco I’ve had in 3 weeks!! Man this is good… Can I get some more..”” haha yup had so many people only try 1 or 2 tacos with a little bit of our delicious authentic rice and beans, and GUESS WHAT, almost 99% of the people who just “tried” our tacos came back for MORE! They were even more than willing to get back at the end of line. Next thing you know they were getting 4, 5, 6 TACOS! We had a couple kids get 11 tacos!! OMG, are you serious Rene, Yes sir. 11 tacos, for only 12.5 with their pepsi and just a 50 cent credit card charge. In the end out Taco Catering, event went amazing; we had some great complements of our amazing authentic Mexican food, authentic tacos and great taco cart catering service! Heck people even loved our Rice and Beans! They would wait in line just to get some more rice and beans! That’s right, our food was a BLAST, if you’ve tried our tacos and are looking for your next amazing taco cart catering, traditional taco catering, or self served taco catering “just don’t spill the salsa” it’s too good to be put to waste! Instead have our taco catering team serve your tacos!!! We can guarantee that you will love our taco bar, authentic tacos, taco party, taco man, taco lady and taco caterers! Oh man, im hungry. Can’t wait to get some tacos tomorrow afternoon! mMm mouth watering tacos al pastor! Or our fajita style chicken tacos, can’t go wrong with them and for Our March Madness Taco Catering, if you place your order in March or have an Event in March were are offering FREE Upgrades!! That’s right, no charge, no hiding el denero, our authentic tacos, gourmet tacos, street tacos, amazing tacos can be upgraded at NO CHARGE, But your going to have to mention this blog upgrade. The funny thing is people never make it past a few paragraphs, but they somehow see the upgrade part if you know what I mean! Haha, making tacos sure can drain you, in a great way though. Feels good to have so many people happy with our service, cant wait for our next taco catering event, don’t wait until your next party, summer or corporate event, book our taco carts today! Before one of our amazing clients rebooks us again, and you miss out on a great taco catering, authentic tacos cart catering opportunity! If you read this, thank you for taking the time, holler at me and let me know what you think of our taco catering service, food or just anything that you can think of. Thank you!


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