The Mexican Taco’s Frequently Asked Question’s

What is traditional Taco Cart Catering?

Traditional Taco Cart Catering is the tradition version of taco cart catering, where our staff cooks on site with a traditional taco cart grill, with room for up to 3 different types of meat’s. With the Rice and Beans, kept warm and all the sides in a table where you may serve your self or have our cook’s and assistant serve you.

What is a Modern Self Serve Taco Cart Catering?

Modern Self Serve Taco Cart Catering is pretty self explanatory, its a modern taco cart with grills, up to 3 different choices of meat, with trays in the front for the condiments, rice and beans, salsa’s and etc. Where you and your guest may walk up and serve your own taco’s the way you like them.
What are your Standard Complements?

Our Standard Complements that come with every mobile taco cart catering service is:

2 Layer Small Corn Tortillas

Finely Chopped and Diced Cilantro

Finely Chopped and Diced Onions

Sweet N Sliced Carrots

Diced Lemons or Limes

Rabanos (Sliced Radishes)

Salsa Roja and Salsa Verde

Spanish Rice and Refried Beans Can Be Added

Plates, Napkins, Eating Utensils (Forks, Spoons & etc.)
What type of Taco’s do you make or serve?

Our Mobile Taco Cart Service is equipped to handle any style of taco that you would like. Our Authentic Taco’s with fresh Cilantro and Onions. Street Taco’s with grilled onions, our So Cal taco with lettuce and cheese. Even Gourmet Fajita Chicken and Steak Tacos upon request. Or plain tacos with guacomole and salsa are simply amazing. Anything you Like, however you please. We’re GOOD. Real Good.
Does your taco cart catering include eating utensils?

Yes we provide everything from napkins, plates, spoons, forks, table clothes, trash bags and etc.. We literally take care of it. We let you enjoy the party. Hassle Free and Effortless.

Do you cook your taco’s with Lard?

No, we do Not Cook our Tacos with lard like other Traditional Taco Carts, Taco Mans, Street Taco’s and etc.. Our Taco’s are just Simply the best! Trust me I’ve been making taco’s since I was 5  I’m a professional Taco Maker =P. After a while you naturally tend to make food with a higher quality in mind!

How big of an event can you handle?

We Are Capable of Handling Parties and Events from 50 to 2,000. With 3 Professional Kitchen’s to handle any type of event.

How Far in advance should I book an event?

It is highly recommended to book your event within 1-2 Weeks, although we are capable of catering an event within 48 Hour Notice.

Where Can i leave a deposit?

After you have decided to go through with our taco catering service, a minimum deposit of atleast $50 or 20% of your quoted price is required to book your event. You may leave a deposit online through the following link Click For Deposit **Please note where it asks for shipping address, please provide the catering location address.

Is this a side job?

No, is a division solely dedicated to satisfying all your Authentic Mexican Food and Taco Cart Catering Needs.

How long have you been in Business?

Cooking is in our Nature. Both Our Leading Chef’s have an experience of over 20 years and 40 Years combined. Our Chef’s have created 4 successful Authentic Mexican Restaurants. With more than 10 restaurants branching off from their traditional mouth watering recipes!

But Don’t expect Mom and Pops, showing up to your next taco catering Event =]. That’s why Authentic Mexican Food and Taco Catering Division was formed, with our younger catering and cooking crew. Readily available and eager to cook you some of the best food and taco’s you will ever have!

Do you have Testimonial’s?

=] Like a good old friend of mine would say “The BEST TACOS in Southern California!” No really, Would you like a list or a book? Here’s a couple quotes you can take a look at, we wouldn’t want to over indulge you with our awesomeness!! =]


“Wow! Your Taco’s Al Pastor were simply Amazing! Wasn’t to sure about having a taco guy for our party, but after talking to you I was definitely comfortable with the idea and looking forward to having your taco cart company doing our party! My 3 Favorite things would definitely have to be the taco’s Al Pastor, Aidy was simply amazing to work with, super great with the kids and loved the fact that everything was on time and even stayed an extra while after I asked later on. Thanks for the great work, our family is looking forward for our next party and your taco’s are definitely invited!!”-Terry

“MMM Tacos! Is definitely right. Thanks Man, they were the best taco’s I’ve had in a long time. I’ve had several from hole in the walls to Mexican grills, they were even better than those restaurants were you pay over $10 for a lousy gourmet taco! We will definitely book you again next year!”

“I was really cautious about picking a taco caterer for my daughters 4th birthday party; I wanted it to be special for everyone. So I looked around carefully, because my sister in law’s husband told me a story about having some random taco man come to their party last year which was a TOTAL disaster. The man came unprepared, served for only 2 hours and ran out of food then said he was done and just left! So I was definitely worried about that situation occurring, but I still eagerly wanted tacos for the party. So I decided to give your company a shot, and my total perspective on taco man or taco cart caterers has changed! Felix and Aidy not only came on time but were also extremely prepared; they set themselves up and were ready to serve within 15 minutes. The food was great, everyone loved your taco’s it was totally a big hit! Now that I think about it, I’m still thinking about your mouth watering taco’s with Salsa Verde. The Cheese Quesadillas and Tacos were also a big hit with the kids. I will definitely book your taco company again and again! Anyone that is looking for a taco company, these guy’s and gal are definitely worth it.” -Lindsay

“We were looking for some GOOD tacos, and glad we found your taco company! Definitely will book you again for our next event! By the way I’m glad to hear you already have a couple of our employees book a taco catering event for the following month! Your food speaks for itself, I’m recommending your taco company to anyone looking for some good tacos. -Jeff

“I Love Mexican food, I eat it all the time and I have to say your taco’s Al Pastor were an extreme shock. Nothing like I expected! I have heard of mouth watering tacos before but WOW they were the BEST Taco’s I’ve ever had. Hand’s down, I’ve had taco’s up and down the coast of so cal but nothing has compared to those amazing pieces of gold we ate that night, and the beans and rice were by far worth having you cater our event! We pay so much to eat something similar yet not even as good! Once again, Thanks the food was great, the staff was great and the tacos were beyond belief. I can’t even finish explaining how good they were. All I have to say is anyone thinking about having you cater the event, do it.