New Taco Cart for catering events in Orange County

Mini Picture of a new Taco cart

Taco Cart Catering and Mexican food Catering is what the Mexican taco catering specializes in. If you are looking to have some good tacos, taco bar, taco guy, taco cart caterer for your next party try us out! By the way we have just received our newest taco cart take a look! Every now and then we filter out our old equipment for our newest equipment, and we have finally taken a moment to take a couple pictures of our newest taco cart. Not only do we provide the best taco cart catering service, mouth watering tacos, best taco guys, but we also like to ride with style as well. Our industrial taco cart’s are the industries best, our taco catering team is capable of catering any type of event to large parties, faster and better than any other taco caterer! If you are looking to have a taco cart catering company at your next event, then give us a call today and find out why we are orange county’s best kept taco catering secret!!

Here’s a couple pictures of our newest taco cart equipment!

New Taco Cart  

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New Taco Cart EquipmentNew Taco Cart Side


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